Friday, November 20

Montage Christmas Pop 2015 Up at Milkd Maylands

Christmas Montage Collective + @Milkd
What could be better than Shopping + Coffee? Am I right?!
That's what we thought too...

We're stoked to be collaborating with the very cool Milkd Cafe
right in the in the hub of Maylands 48 Eighth Ave
Montage will have it's own space within the cafe.
How convenient is that?!
So you''ll be able to order your coffee and begin your festive shopping, without leaving the premises.

Featuring Montage member

1st - 30th Dec
open every day 9:30 - 4:30
Closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day
48 Eighth Ave, Maylands

Tuesday, June 2

Farewell...for now!

Montage 11 closed on Saturday. We are all sad to leave our happy spot once again, but as always, we are on the hunt for another space and of course, we will keep you in the loop.

Once again we thank our many talented guest artists and loyal fans for your commitment to hand crafted goods.
Stay tuned for a Montage 12 announcement!

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Saturday, May 16

19 awesome artists, 1 fantastic shop, 2 weeks left!

Our last 2 weeks at our current location and we have such a lovely collection of 19 artists.  This week we welcomed 2 new guests and a selection of past guests to finish off our 2 months at 224b William St Northbridge with a hand crafted bang!


SIMPLICITY LOOMS and their beautiful hand crafted loom kits and gorgeous woven wall art as well as lovely hand dyed tote bags and delicate woven necklaces with brass details.

Simplicity Looms

New to our Montage 11  store is artist and illustrator ALI J bringing with her happiness and gifts for your eyes in the form of colourful illustrations of rosy cheeked characters as well as badges, pocket mirrors and jewelry.

Ali J


Returning to store are a selection of past artists including THE LITTLE MAKERY - felt balls and decorated wooden party spoons, EDEN DREAMS - Eco Friendly precious nature inspired jewelry, MOLLY TINSLEY - pots with soul, SOFT CONSTRUCTION returns with their 'punny' tea towels, tote bags and prints, and finally THE SCRUMPY SOAP CO with their delicious smelling hand made artisan soaps.

The Little Makery
Eden Dreams
Molly Tinsley
The Scrumpy Soap Co
Soft Constructions


TLouze Glass Artistry 
Lamonster Children's Clothing
Bron's Ceramics
Little Greenscapes
Eeva Margita
Liz Briggs


Finally, a big thanks to our Montage 11 CORE ARTISTS that do all of the work behind the scenes, without them, Montage would not be able to keep supplying you with fresh hand crafted goodness form expert artists across Perth. Thanks to: Annie of OSMOSIS, Karen from NEDDYNIBBLES, Davina from FLUID INK LETTERPRESS, Nicole from TALL RABBIT, Anna from ANNA HADWIN CROCHET TOYS, and Anja of MAJOR MITCHELL DESIGNS.
Fluid Ink Letterpress
Anna Hadwin Crochet Toys

Major Mitchell Designs
Tall Rabbit

Sunday, April 26

Montage Correction

Apologies, the last emailed post stated that we are open until the end of June, but that is incorrect, it is until the end on May 2015

Don't for get we are open all Anzac long weekend 11am- 5pm.

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Montage open for an extra Month!

Great news! Montage has extended the lease on their current location and are now trading until the end of May 2015!

Of course this means we will be able to invite new guest artists along for the ride. Stay tuned for more details about these talented makers.

Don't for get we are open all Anzac long weekend 11am- 5pm.

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Friday, April 17

Montage 11 opens in Northbridge - 2 weeks left!

The Montage collective artists
In store all 4 weeks

osmosis designs create unique jewellery, home-wares and cross-stitch kits using parts which are laser cut from acrylic and bamboo ply. Each piece is designed, hand finished and assembled or stitched by Annie Rawle who is the face behind the brand. Inspiration is from science – the natural world & geometry.

Major Mitchell Designs
Major Mitchell Designs is a local street wear label for the individual. Our Tees, hoodies, caps and beanies are the coolest on the block. We attire with attitude!

Tall Rabbit
Tall Rabbit is spreading cuteness throughout the world! With a choice of lasercut jewellery, badges, screenprinted cushions, illustrated cards, prints and accessories you are sure to find something that will help make your life a little bit cuter.

Anna’s Crochet Toys
Anna Hadwin knits and crochets furry friends, bootees and hats. With a little bit of fun, she creates great baby gifts, and adult keepsakes. Anna has been knitting since a girl, taught by her mother. Now she is passing the skill on to her daughter Orlando who helps with design and construction.

Fluid Ink Letterpress
Davina designs unique modern vintage stationery with a serious dash of quirk, and prints them using age old and unplugged vintage machinery - a.k.a her 1913 Chandler and Price letterpress printer ‘The Admiral’.

Delight Society
With a background in digital media, Jacquie creates paintings which are a pure expression of emotion and impulse with vibrant youthful colours to draw the viewer in. Jacquie uses colour and shape to create authentic and emotional paintings with no illustrative subject matter.

Neddynibbles creates funky aprons, coin purses, sunglass pouches and hair scrunchies. Most items are one-of-a-kind and all are made to the highest quality.


Guest artists - in store all 4 weeks

1st to 30th April 2015 - All four weeks

Eeva Margita
Working from her home studio alongside Panko, her Exotic Shorthair cat, Niina Aoki designs and illustrates for her business Eeva Margita.

Liz Briggs Designs
Liz designs multi-coloured beaded jewelery such as necklaces, bangles and earrings made with fair trade beads such as Kazuri beads and semi-precious gemstones.

Twiceloved China
Jane from Twiceloved Chine uses vintage china from the 1930's to 1960's, and redesigns it so it can be loved one more time! Designs include clocks, jewellery, monogrammed wall plates, wedding plates, butterflies and more.

Little Sketchy
Janet is a freelance illustrator from Perth who started Little Sketchy with a dream of changing the world, one smile at a time, through her artwork.The unique, fun & quirky art prints would be great as gifts for friends & love ones, or wall art for nursery rooms or kids rooms.

Kathy from Lamonster Handmade Clothing creates modern garments for newborns to size 4/5.
Specialising in pants, tunics and bloomers, and dresses, all items are made with love using whimsical, playful and bold fabrics.

Samantha Hughes
Samantha illustrates, embroiders and creates in a tiny studio in Fremantle. Cute zombies and strange creatures often appear in her colourful paintings and handmade pieces. She spends her studio days working on picture books, stitching together cute felt animals, drinking tea and painting with tiny brushes.

Guest artists - second 2 weeks only

16th to 30th April 2015
Ernest & Bumble
Ernest & Bumble garments are all handmade using natural fibres such as cotton, cotton blends or linen.
The garments are constructed using the basics of contemporary and vintage patterns plus Natasha's added interpretation. Ernest & Bumble garments are typically a retro style with novelty prints that add a contemporary twist.

Louise Gore Langton Designer Jewellery
Louise makes uniquely hand crafted and beautifully formed pieces of jewellery from Western Australia's captivating natural flora and occasionally fauna. She incorporates precious and semi precious stones and beads into her jewellery.

LSB – “litesb” is the result of a unique collaboration between BelĂ©n Berganza (Ceramic Artist) and Stephen Tero (Sculptor). The works produced are inspiring, hand crafted objects made after much thought with recycled materials and fine translucent porcelain.

Mellopoly is an illustration label by Melissa Lui Yuen - an illustrator based in Perth, Western Australia.
With no formal training in art or design, Melissa has developed her whimsical illustration style through observation, experimentation and practice. Melissa seeks beauty in everyday life and nurtures a sense of curiosity about the world around her. She has a love for the tactile nature of illustrating with ink on paper and delights in the uncertainty and adventure of the creative process. Much of her work is inspired by patterns in nature, and she aspires to convey a sense of optimism in each of her illustrations.

Little Greenscapes
Little Greenscapes specialises in the creation of terrariums and miniature gardens within vintage, recycled and apothecary glass jars.
Using greenery, moss, soil, pebbles and carefully selected figurines, a unique scene is created in each Little Greenscapes terrarium. The terrariums are easy to care for, beautiful to look at, and add a little greenery to your home or office.

We should never underestimate the power of a good hot drink to revive the spirits & cure what ails you! Stirred brings you a selection of Milk, Dark and White hot chocolate spoons, full of Belgian coverture chocolate combined with organic cacao and African cocoa & infused with wonderful flavours!
The act of stirring, taking a moment to unwind and the rich chocolaty flavour, combine perfectly to create a feeling of well being.
Luxury, sip-worthy, hot chocolate, lovingly handmade in Perth.

Bron's Ceramics
Bronwen started her journey with clay about 8 years ago at a night pottery class as a means to cope with the stress of a working life in medicine and parenthood. She loves all things fiddly and is an avid there was a natural progression to making clay flowers. She has been experimenting for the past 2 years and now has a beautiful range of ceramic flowers from teeny tiny ones to large garden outdoor flowers.

Marina works with the tricky medium of cast resin to create unique and individual jewellery and homewares. Each Resinating piece is handmade and adds a pop of colour and fun to your world.

Stephanie is a fashion designer with Moroccan and German roots. She relocated to Australia a couple of years ago and loves it here. Caldi Design is an emerging fashion label located in Perth. Stephanie’s inspirations for Caldi Design are as diverse as the clothes, she loves observing the world and discovering little details. Caldi garments carry formal elements like structure, texture and contrast.

Guest artists - first 2 weeks only

1st to 15th April 2015

The Little Makery
The Little Makery is a little home-based creative business who create handcrafted unique gifts such as homewares, home decor items and party supplies. Every item is handmade in Perth using felt balls, tissue paper, card stock, hot foil material for cards, twine, washi tape, eco wooden cutlery, stamps and ink.

T'Louze Artistry and Glass
T'Louze Artistry and Glass design, create and produce unique handcrafted glass art in their studios in Wungong and Wongan Hills. They create patio lights, wall panels, pendant lights, platters, bowls and other smaller items.
Soft Constructions
Soft Constructions is the brainchild of Perth based artist/designer Seonaidh Murphy. She started the creative business and studio in 2013 as way of making art easily accessible and understandable to a wide and varied audience of everyday people.

Eden Dreams
Jenny uses flora and fauna found around Perth to create raw and earthy pieces of jewellery. Using silver and bronze, some pieces are raw and simple, others more involved, polished and complex but always organic.

Grace Ella Art
Grace is a freelance illustrator and works primarily with watercolour. Her distinctive style depicts portraits and animals within recognisable shapes. She has designed greeting cards and prints for arts markets, and illustrations for Global Express Publications and Pelican Magazine. She was recently selected as the merchandise artist for National Youth Week 2015.

Scrumpy Soap Co
Caring for you and your environment by only providing products that are of great quality but do not cost the earth. All of our products will meet at least two of our six criteria. Many will meet all six.
Sustainable, locally hand made, organic, bio degradable, recycled, reduced impact on our earth.

Honeybee Studios
Molly hand makes ceramic bowls, platters, cups and Japanese tea bowls (Unomi) using a variety of techniques, including throwing on the wheel and slab building; from stoneware or porcelain clays.

Tuesday, March 10

Montage 11 - April 2015!

Montage 11 - April 2015!

224b William St Northbridge

Montage 11 here we come!
We are excited to announce our latest incarnation 'Montage 11' will be opening for one month from the 1st - 30th of April 2015 in our favorite light bright and happy location - 224b William St Northbridge (the same location as montage 10 and montage 8)

Once again a core group of familiar montage artists will be exhibiting, joined by 30 guest artists to keep things fresh and inspiring!

If you would like to join us as a guest artist or know someone you think would be a perfect fit, head over here: and fill in our application. Deadline for applications is Monday 16th of March 2015.

Don't forget to follow along for regular updates on Facebook here:

See you soon!
the Montage team.

Monday, December 15

Montage 10 - Check out the goodness!

Just a sample of the goodness you will find inside Montage 10. 224b William St Northbridge
Opening hours - Monday to Thursday 10-5 Friday 10-6 Saturday 11-5 Sunday 11-4
Open until 24th December 2014

Little Sketchy
Pip and Printer


Tall Rabbit

Neddy Nibbles

Orlando Hadwin

Liz Briggs Jewellery


Ceramic Snippets

Ce C's Cake Jars

Sam Hughes

Eeva Margita

Ali J Art

Fluid Ink Letterpress

Delight Society


Brons Ceramics

Kit N Stuff


Concrete Chook

Tuesday, December 9

Montage Christmas Blast!

That's right folks, just in time to finalize your Christmas list, Montage is opening up TOMORROW Wednesday 10th December 2014, for 2 weeks only! This time, a massive selection of 10+ very fine WA artists and their amazing hand crafted products.
Opening hours - Monday to Thursday 10-5 Friday 10-6 Saturday 11-5 Sunday 11-4 Location - 224b William St Northbridge