Thursday, November 22

Montage Christmas Roundup

Montage is getting ready for a crazy month of markets. We all have some amazing gifts for you to give to someone special - including yourselves!

1. Aussie Christmas Apron by Neddynibbles $30
2. Red and white flake earrings by osmosis designs - $28
3. Green Tea & Lemongrass Natural Body Candle by Evaglo - $24.95
4. Skull Tee , heart fabric by Major Mitchell Designs. - $39.90 
5. Babushka Mo Doll by Little Mo and Friends - $27
6. Lilly Dress by caldi - $69
7. Hope tree of life letterpress card by Fluid Ink- $5.50
8. Heaven's Angel Earrings - Feather & sterling silver earrings by H M Sass - $24
9. Bruce bunny by Anna Hadwin crochet toys - $42
10. All natural soap by Empire of Delight - $6

To find these items and so much more, you can fand any of the Montage collective artists at one of their many appearences at markets during the month of December 2012.

For a list of their whereabouts HERE

Tuesday, November 20

Where is Montage December 2012?

December is shaping up to be a huge month for the Montage Collective!
A few bleeding fingers and sleepless nights are ahead but creating something we are passionate about and love to share is what we live for.

Read on below for a list of appearances for each of out talented Montage designers as well as dates, times and locations.

eeva margita

Perth Upmarket,
Fremantle Bazaar as "Montage Collective"
Unwrapped Part 1 & 2 as "Montage Collective"


Fremantle Bazaar at their Osmosis stall
Unwrapped on 9th Dec at their Osmosis stall (not 16th)
 Illuminites Night market.


Bazaar as "Montage Collective"
Unwrapped Part 1 & 2 at their own Caldi stall

Empire of Delight

Bazaar as "Montage Collective"
Unwrapped Part 1 & 2 at their own Empire of Delight

Anna Hadwin Crochet

Fremantle Bazaar as "Montage Collective"
Unwrapped Part 1 & 2 as "Montage Collective"
William st Illuminites
Light up Leederville night markets

little mo and friends

Unwrapped Part 1 & 2 as "Montage Collective"


Bazaar as "Montage Collective"
Unwrapped Part 1 & 2 as "Montage Collective"


Hillarys Boat Harbour Markets
Perth Upmarket UWA
Market Girl Markets Sunday 2nd December ( Prinderville College )
Light Up Leederville
Unwrapped Part 1 & 2 at their our own Evaglo store

Jimmy Lee House

Perth upmarket

Tall Rabbit

Unwrapped Part 1 & 2 as "Montage Collective"

H M Sass

Light Up Leederville Festival

Major Mitchell

Unwrapped Part 1 & 2 as "Montage Collective"
Light up Leederville, shared stall with Anna Hadwin 8th of Dec.

Fluid Ink

Fremantle Bazaar with FOUND stall
Unwrapped Part 1 & 2 as "Montage Collective"




Perth Upmarket
UWA  Sunday 25th November 10am-4pm

2012 Fremantle Bazaar
Fremantle Arts Centre
Friday 30 November 5pm-10pm
Saturday 1 December 9am-5pm
Sunday 2 December 9am-5pm

Sharing a stall in Bazaar as "Montage" is:  Anna's toys, Caldi, Eeva Margita, Tall Rabbit, Neddynibbles, Empire of Delight

Christmas Unwrapped in the City (Part 1)
Sunday 9 December
12noon to 5pm
Forrest Place, Perth

Christmas Unwrapped in the City (Part 2)

Sunday 16 December
12noon to 5pm
Forrest Place, Perth

Sharing a stall at unwrapped as "Montage Collective" is Anna's crochet toys, eeva margita, Caldi, Neddynibbles, Tall Rabbit, Fluid Ink, Major Mitchell & Little mo and friends.

Illuminites + Night market
Friday 14th December 2012
5.00 - 10.00pm
Perth Cultural Centre
James Street Mall, Perth Cultural Centre
Perth, Western Australia

Sharing a stall at Illuminites as "Montage a Trois" is Anna's Crochet Toys, Tall Rabbit & Osmosis

Light Up Leederville
December 8th
Oxford and Newcastle St Leederville

Hillarys Boat Harbour Markets

Thursday, November 8

Montage 6 doors close this weekend!

Montage 6 is nearly over. 
This will probably be our last pop up south of the river for this year so pop on in before we we pop down again! It's also a great chance to check out the other exciting events happening throughout Fremantle as part of the Fremantle Festival. 
Montage 6 - Woolstores shopping centre, Cantonment st Fremantle. 
Doors close Sunday 11/11/12.

Sunday, October 7

Get ready!

Great news! We are back!

Saturday 27 October - Sunday 11 November 2012

City of Fremantle Festival
Monday-Thursday 10-6
Friday 10-8
Sat 10-5
Sunday 11-5

Woolstores shopping centre, 28 Cantonment st Fremantle

Click HERE to find out more about the fantastic City of Fremantle Festival 

Monday, September 17

Missing us?

Need a little Montage fix? Did you know many Montage members are exhibiting at the Perth Upmarket, UWA this Sunday?

You will find:
Anna Hadwin Crotchet toys
Fluid Ink Fine Letterpress Of Australia
Eeva Margita
Neddy Nibbles
Major Mitchell
BHO Bags

Please stop by and say hi! We miss you too!

Tuesday, September 4

So long - we will be back!

Thank you all so much for visiting Montage 5.
From all of us - so long - but we will return shortly!

Monday, August 27

Father's Day Gifts at Montage

  1. Empire of Delight - Chocolate and Peppermint soap. $6 or 3 for $15
  2. Leo & Spargo - 'Shush Ranger'  T shirt. $49.95
  3. Fluid Ink - 'Man Tags' Set of 4. $4.00
  4. Osmosis - Tie clips. $20ea
  5. Anna Hadwin Designs - Mustache cup cozie. $15
  6. Neddynibbles - Men's apron. $35
  7. Tall Rabbit - 'Stinky Stuff' Laundry bag. $25
  8. Jimmy Lee House - Invader robot acrylic ornament. From $25
  9. Eeva Margita - Wild animals greeting card. $4

Sunday, August 12

Montage light cubes

If you have visited us at Montage, then you would have noticed the stunning light cubes by designer David Kenworthy, and if you havent seen them, then what are you waiting for?


In the last 7 years I have exhibited my illuminated artworks both individually and as part of complete light installations in contemporary art galleries in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. I currently have over 20 artworks in private collections through out Australia and the world.

In the last couple of years I have decided to reach out to a wider audience by creating my sculptural/ light installations in free public festivals, outdoor art exhibitions and also on a smaller scale in empty commercial spaces ‘guerilla’ style where art isn’t usually found. In the last 3 years I have exhibited with The Vivid Light Festival in Sydney, Sculpture By The Sea in Cottesloe, The Beaufort Street Festival and The Fremantle Festival.

It is my intention to create a new kind of pop art experience inspired by discount stores and clearinghouses and our consumption of their cheap and mass-produced commodities.
To achieve these aims I have chosen to employ both found object artworks like children’s toys and hand crafted sculptures - with geometric surfaces covered in confectionery - to create this new experience. Both types of artwork are illuminated from within with fluorescent or LED light. When seen in a darkened environment each artwork will radiate its own uniquely coloured light, which shines with such a vivid intensity that each artwork is surrounded by a stunning fluorescent coloured halo.  These mundane urban commodities have now been transformed into jewel-like relics of lost childhood that create an immediate, playful, vibrant and uncomplicated stimulation of the visual senses.

Jelly Bean Cube

This illuminated sculpture is made from real gold cross jelly beans that have been patterned over each face of the geometric form. They have been covered over in 3 layers of epoxy resin and then the space around the jelly beans has been filled in black epoxy resin so that when illuminated from with-in each jelly bean glows with its own uniquely coloured light. The fluorescent light inside the sculpture does not affect the quality of the jelly beans over time as there is no UV light present. So the jelly beans on the artwork will last as long as they are kept out of direct sunlight. With this artwork I wanted transform these unremarkable jelly beans into radiant jewels of instant gratification and playful consumption. The artwork was made in 2010 and has been exhibited in Sydney and Perth in the last 2 years.

Compilation Cube

The artwork on display is one of illuminated text ‘Compilation Cube’ artworks. Each side of the artwork is a different ‘word-finder’ game with various cars and car models listed in them. The plastic letters are the ones you might find in a toy shop and would stick on your fridge. They are set into a plywood grid that has the space around the letter filled in with white grout so that when the fluorescent is switched on inside the artwork each letter radiates its own special coloured light. Each square is like a synapse in the human brain and each letter a piece of data that when illuminated creates a complete memory. The cube is like a brain that stores memories with out being sentimental, maudlin or mawkish. It is a monument that is fun, vibrant and electric. This artwork was exhibited in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth in 2010 and 2011 and is my last remaining free standing artwork in this style. The letters are UV stabilized, but for the ultimate longevity of the artwork I would recommend that it stays out of direct sunlight.

Thursday, August 9

Opening week 10% off store wide

Montage opening week sale! 10%off store wide.
This Friday night 10th August between 6-8pm. 
Bring a friend, share the love and shop shop shop!

Tuesday, August 7

Montage 5 Workshops

Some of the lovely and talented crafters from this Winter montage are running workshops!
Check out the details below! Visit our Workshops Page for workshop dates.

Sunday, August 5

Are you ready?.......

We open tomorrow. Can you hold your breath until then?...

Monday, July 30

Montage's STATIONERY department

When you pop into Montage and choose a gift, you need a card too! Montage has a huge range of paper goods and stationery to choose from.
Framed prints, cards, bookmarks, note books, it's a stationery lover's delight!


Little Mo and Friends is a collection of handmade stationery designed and illustrated by Helena Tay. Since young, Helena has always explored her creative side by drawing on walls, dabbling in paints, and making her own birthday cards. Combining her love for trees, animals and picture books, Helena has created a fun and whimsical gift range featuring Little Mo and her cute forest friends.
Products include notebooks, cards, art prints, paper dolls and wearable art. 
Mob: 0413 675 836  


Fluid Ink was born out of Davina's urge to 'unplug' from her regular desk job in front of the computer. Working with letterpress forces her to be slow, accurate, work only with what equipment and tools available and there is no 'undo' button! Its a dinosaur's approach, to be sure, born out of nostalgia and a desire to unplug from an overly digitized existence. The appeal is being hands on, messy and sometimes quite physical. 
Mob: 04089 36 031

Friday, July 27

Montage HOMEWEARS department

Beautify your home and pamper yourself!
From gorgeous hand made toys, bathroom supplies, skincare, candles and room decorations, Montage has it all.



Anna Hadwin knits and crochets furry friends, bootees and hats. With a little bit of fun, she creates great baby gifts, and adult keepsakes. Anna has been knitting since a girl, taught by her mother. Now she is passing the skill on to her daughter Orlando who helps with design and construction.
Materials used: Wool, fabric, buttons 
Mob: 0432 577 932


Natural skin care products are an exclusive skin care and body care range dedicated to providing customers with genuinely natural products by leaving out harmful chemicals found in other so called natural brands. Evaglo Natural skin care offers 100% Australian made natural certified organic rosehip oil products. Rosehip Oil is rich in essential fatty acids which help to regenerate skin cells and to repair damaged skin tissue. Evaglo candles are not just another candle, but an indulgent experience-Evaglo's unique body massage candles release an aromatic warm pool of pures oy bean oil infused with goodness of certified organic rosehipoil and shea butter which can be used as a perfume balm, body massage oil or body moisturiser. They enhance a healthy glow to the skin and also are a great natural remedy for cracked heals. 


Jimmy Lee House is owned and operated by husband and wife team Amy and Jamie Tolley. All designs are created and assembled by them at their hills studio in Perth, Western Australia. Jimmy Lee House specialise in unique home wares, decorator pieces and original wall art. Born out of an eclectic passion for art and design, industrial techniques and an appreciation of beautiful items from the past. A Jimmy Lee House piece will strike the eye with an ultra bright image and hold the heart with memories of retro days gone by....
Materials used: Chalk Boards, Mirrors, Coasters, Paperweights, Acrylic 
Mob: 0488 161 695 


Making soap is a hobby and a passion and my favourite activity. Empire of Delight makes the small things in life delightful. Each bath bomb and bar of soap is handmade and individually wrapped. I make the best quality product I can and only sell the best of the best; my perfectionist quality control personality demands it. 
Mob: 0431 380 098