montage 9 artists June 2014

Simonette by Louise Simonette

Louise Simonette specialises in porcelain jewellery and homewares from her home studio in North Perth. Inspired by the beauty and whiteness of porcelain she makes casts of vintage milk bottles, homewares, rings, earrings and a range of brooches. Every piece is made by hand to the highest standard, and is designed to delight.
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Osmosis By Annie Rawle

osmosis designs create unique jewellery, home-wares and cross-stitch kits using parts which are laser cut from acrylic and bamboo ply. Each piece is designed, hand finished and assembled or stitched by Annie Rawle who is the face behind the brand. Inspiration is from science – the natural world & geometry.
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Fluid Ink Letterpress by Davina Farinola

When you discover a letterpress piece, there’s something different about it. It is tactile, you can see and feel the indentation letters and ink leave in the paper and you will fall in love with its quality.
Fluid Ink, hand prints letterpress cards, coasters and stationery, touched by human hands, created with patience and care, and a time honored tradition.
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Neddynibbles by Karen La Greca

Specialising in bright and colourful aprons, handy coin purses and sunglass pouches.. I'm also a keen photographer so have included my range of photo cards in Montage.
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Major Mitchell Designs by Anja Satzenhofer

Major Mitchell Designs is a local street wear label for the individual. Our Tees, hoodies, caps and beanies are the coolest on the block. We attire with attitude!
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Tall Rabbit By Nicole Moffat

Tall Rabbit is spreading cuteness throughout the world! With a choice of lasercut jewellery, badges, screenprinted cushions, illustrated cards, prints and accessories you are sure to find something that will help make your life a little bit cuter.
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Anna’s Crochet Toys by Anna Hadwin

Anna Hadwin knits and crochets furry friends, bootees and hats. With a little bit of fun, she creates great baby gifts, and adult keepsakes. Anna has been knitting since a girl, taught by her mother. Now she is passing the skill on to her daughter Orlando who helps with design and construction.
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Delight Society by Jacquie

Delight Society is an artisan soap company which stays very close to the simply natural while being a long walk and two bus trips from the frankly artificial. Using only natural ingredients Delight Society produces bath and body products which are free from Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Synthetics, Parabens and Palm Oil.

Osier by Lauren O'Brien

Lauren's explorations into the world of the unusual result in cute, unexpected jewellery, off-kilter classics, and a menagerie of vintage vessel succulents. She can usually be found tinkering with her laser cutter, or doing architecture things.