Monday, December 23

Montage Christmas Final days

Well, sadly this is neary it for a year :-( Rest assured we will be back soon! But for now, here are the last 4 12 days of Christmas.  Come in for the the rest of your Christmas shopping before we pop down!
The 8th Day of a Montage Christmas
The 9th Day of a Montage Christmas
The 10th Day of a Montage Christmas
The 11th Day of a Montage Christmas
The 12th Day of a Montage Christmas

Monday, December 16

The twelve days of Christmas - Montage style!

If you have been playing along, Montage have been promoting some pretty special deals for the 12 days of Christmas to lead up to our final days in our current location.
Below is a list of the first half of this fun promotion!  (please note - some offers may not extend for the full 12 days so read the fine print!)


Sunday, December 15

All the colours of the rainbow (nearly) by Montage

The range of quality handmade goods that are crafted by the people that work in store is what makes Montage unique. We are passionate about our craft and every peice is designed and made in our own homes or studio. The bredth and depth of the range you will find in Montage makes it a perfect shopping destination. But hurry - we only have a short while left in our current location - we close Christmas eve but are open every day up until then!

(Clockwise from bottom left)
Simonette heart brooch $16
Neddynibbles coin purse $15
Delight Society soap $8
Osier vintage fabric hairpins $20
Osmosis cross stitched floral heart brooch and pendant in one $38
Lamonster Peter Rabbit dress with lace 6-12 mths $36
Anna Hadwin bear hat $20
Fluid Ink "Big I love u" card $6.50
Tall Rabbit pocket mirror $8

(left to right)
Osmosis purple etoile pendant on cotton cord $28
Caldi Stella Top $116
Delight Society lavender soap $8
Tall Rabbit pocket mirror $8
Fluid Ink "Cheers" card $6.50
Anna Hadwin crochet octy rattle $15
Neddynibbles key fob $10 each or 2 for $16

(Clockwise from bottom left)
Simonette bird brooch $12
Tall Rabbit blue cat earrings $12
Osmosis cross stitched chevron stud earrings $26
Ella & Lily small make up purse Blue Wren $29.95
Major Mitchell Blue Cap $29.90
Anna Hadwin crochet dolly $42
Osier teapot plant $20
Delight Society black pepper soap $8

(Left to right)
Major Mitchell red cap $29.90
Osier teacup plant $15
Anna Hadwin Bruce the crochet rabbit $45
Osmosis Cross stitched brooch $32
Zippered purse by Neddynibbles $20.
Simonette heart brooch $16
Delight Society soap $8
Fluid Ink "Merry and bright" card $6.50
Tall Rabbit squirrel brooch $30
Simonette Christmas Stars $6 each

Thanks Nicole from Tall Rabbit for putting together these collections!