Monday, August 27

Father's Day Gifts at Montage

  1. Empire of Delight - Chocolate and Peppermint soap. $6 or 3 for $15
  2. Leo & Spargo - 'Shush Ranger'  T shirt. $49.95
  3. Fluid Ink - 'Man Tags' Set of 4. $4.00
  4. Osmosis - Tie clips. $20ea
  5. Anna Hadwin Designs - Mustache cup cozie. $15
  6. Neddynibbles - Men's apron. $35
  7. Tall Rabbit - 'Stinky Stuff' Laundry bag. $25
  8. Jimmy Lee House - Invader robot acrylic ornament. From $25
  9. Eeva Margita - Wild animals greeting card. $4

Sunday, August 12

Montage light cubes

If you have visited us at Montage, then you would have noticed the stunning light cubes by designer David Kenworthy, and if you havent seen them, then what are you waiting for?


In the last 7 years I have exhibited my illuminated artworks both individually and as part of complete light installations in contemporary art galleries in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. I currently have over 20 artworks in private collections through out Australia and the world.

In the last couple of years I have decided to reach out to a wider audience by creating my sculptural/ light installations in free public festivals, outdoor art exhibitions and also on a smaller scale in empty commercial spaces ‘guerilla’ style where art isn’t usually found. In the last 3 years I have exhibited with The Vivid Light Festival in Sydney, Sculpture By The Sea in Cottesloe, The Beaufort Street Festival and The Fremantle Festival.

It is my intention to create a new kind of pop art experience inspired by discount stores and clearinghouses and our consumption of their cheap and mass-produced commodities.
To achieve these aims I have chosen to employ both found object artworks like children’s toys and hand crafted sculptures - with geometric surfaces covered in confectionery - to create this new experience. Both types of artwork are illuminated from within with fluorescent or LED light. When seen in a darkened environment each artwork will radiate its own uniquely coloured light, which shines with such a vivid intensity that each artwork is surrounded by a stunning fluorescent coloured halo.  These mundane urban commodities have now been transformed into jewel-like relics of lost childhood that create an immediate, playful, vibrant and uncomplicated stimulation of the visual senses.

Jelly Bean Cube

This illuminated sculpture is made from real gold cross jelly beans that have been patterned over each face of the geometric form. They have been covered over in 3 layers of epoxy resin and then the space around the jelly beans has been filled in black epoxy resin so that when illuminated from with-in each jelly bean glows with its own uniquely coloured light. The fluorescent light inside the sculpture does not affect the quality of the jelly beans over time as there is no UV light present. So the jelly beans on the artwork will last as long as they are kept out of direct sunlight. With this artwork I wanted transform these unremarkable jelly beans into radiant jewels of instant gratification and playful consumption. The artwork was made in 2010 and has been exhibited in Sydney and Perth in the last 2 years.

Compilation Cube

The artwork on display is one of illuminated text ‘Compilation Cube’ artworks. Each side of the artwork is a different ‘word-finder’ game with various cars and car models listed in them. The plastic letters are the ones you might find in a toy shop and would stick on your fridge. They are set into a plywood grid that has the space around the letter filled in with white grout so that when the fluorescent is switched on inside the artwork each letter radiates its own special coloured light. Each square is like a synapse in the human brain and each letter a piece of data that when illuminated creates a complete memory. The cube is like a brain that stores memories with out being sentimental, maudlin or mawkish. It is a monument that is fun, vibrant and electric. This artwork was exhibited in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth in 2010 and 2011 and is my last remaining free standing artwork in this style. The letters are UV stabilized, but for the ultimate longevity of the artwork I would recommend that it stays out of direct sunlight.

Thursday, August 9

Opening week 10% off store wide

Montage opening week sale! 10%off store wide.
This Friday night 10th August between 6-8pm. 
Bring a friend, share the love and shop shop shop!

Tuesday, August 7

Montage 5 Workshops

Some of the lovely and talented crafters from this Winter montage are running workshops!
Check out the details below! Visit our Workshops Page for workshop dates.

Sunday, August 5

Are you ready?.......

We open tomorrow. Can you hold your breath until then?...