Tuesday, February 1

Renee Garabedian : Cocoa Pod

Renee is...

My name is Renee Garabedian and I reside amongst gorgeous lakes in Perth, Western Australia, where I let my imagination flow.

Cocoa Pod is derived from nature inspired jewellery, which is bold yet understated, and has a retro undertone. Each piece is made with love by myself and focuses on perfection with meticulous attention to detail and impeccable standards for quality. "Everlasting Flowers", Cocoa Pod's current range celebrates sterling silver and Czech glass. It's broad, around-the-rainbow, colour range means it easily adorns all outfits with unique flair. Cocoa Pod appreciates fair-trade and cares for the environment; regularly trying to work out ways to work in harmony with it. To find out more how we try our best, please feel free to contact us.