Monday, April 1

Montage Maker interview - Amy of After Many Years

My Name is Amy Farrell and I am the creator of After Many Years. I make light shades and mobiles inspired by the  patterns and shapes of magical palaces.  I have always had a love for drawing, designing and making. 

I have spent the last 10 years as an Art Teacher In the UK and Western Australia, during this time I’ve spent a lot of time dreaming about all the creations I could make while encouraging and helping my students create their own.

My label has been in operation for 4 months, during this time I have had a market stall at the Illuminites Christmas Night Markets and the recent Perth Upmarket, I have had a lot of positive feedback, which is really encouraging and humbling. One of my designs will be featured in the May edition of Australian House and Garden Magazine; I am so excited to see my work in such a renowned publication!!

I am currently studying Graphic Design at Central Institute of Technology, Teaching and working at The Butcher Shop Northbridge. These three roles which I love and enjoy all feed and inspire my creations for After Many Years, I feel lucky to have the opportunity to study for “the second time round” I’ve been able to develop my design skills which has ultimately enabled me to create the lights and mobiles I’m making today.

During my time working in London in a demanding inner city school, a man, who at the time I thought was quite odd and strange asked me if my parents had waited for many years to have me. I though this to be an odd question to which I replied, “No I don’t think so?” The man then proceeded to tell me that Amy was an acronym for After Many Years. I held on to the idea as using this name for something I might make one day, I always thought it might be a children’s book of some type with whimsical illustrations. At the time I was working in a stressful job and I had forgotten that creating and making once made me happy. Sometimes dreams and inspirations take a while to permeate through our fingers, I love seeing the name After Many Years written on my work, it reminds me to dream, create and believe.

Designing my pieces is a process which can never really be measured by time, I have recently been looking at my photos from my honeymoon in India, the organic lines of the buildings, the curves people make with their bodies while dancing have inspired me to sketch designs. I then like to make paper maquette of each of my designs, hanging them in my house to let the idea breathe. Most of the time I then cut re draw re cut then re hang....I live in a world of hanging paper shapes! Once I’m happy I then have my designs laser cut and hand paint each piece. 

I am very lucky to have a very good friend who is an electrician and has over seen the technical side of my lighting, my husband is also incredibly supportive and helpful with my new creative venture as are my lecturers and friends and Central Institute of Technology.

I believe in nurturing local creative talent in Perth There are so many talented people in our city who design, manufacture and make their products locally. Montage Collective is an amazing group of talented local people, I feel really excited to be part of the next up coming Pop Up shop on Perth’s creative mile- William Street Northbridge.