Monday, June 16

June's Guest artists

We are so pleased to have 4 guest artists with us until the end of June.

Eeva Margita

Eeva Margita is designed and created by Niina Aoki. The brand takes strong influences from the Finnish and Japanese cultures; as this is Niina's personal heritage. The brand is a constantly evolving journey into the bright, ultra modern colours of Japan with the traditional, folksy culture of the Finnish country side, where bears and foxes live in a landscape of bright, clean colours.
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Caldi Design by Stephanie Rehnelt

Caldi is an emerging fashion label located in Perth. 

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Lamonster Handmade Clothing by Kathy Lamont

Starting in February 2012 Lamonster creates modern clothing with an old fashioned twist specialising in playsuits, tunics and bloomers, rompers, and dresses for newborns to size 4.

Unable to find interesting and playful items for my new daughter I started making my own outfits and soon after started making for family and friends.

All Lamonster items are handmade by me often in limited styles to ensure the items are unique. The outfits make excellent gifts.

Peaches and Clean

Natural & vegan handmade soaps, skin care and body products. Made in Fremantle, Western Australia

After being a long term eczema suffer I began to make handmade soaps in 2004. Olive, coconut and rice bran oils with shea butter are used to create a soap that produces a creamy luscious lather with rich moisturising properties. Only pure essential oils are used to scent the soaps. They contain mineral rich clays, herbs and natural colorants for appearance and texture. Our soaps are made using the cold process method, therefore the glycerin is retained in the soap, nourishing the skin.
Over the last five years I have been adding to the ever growing range of skin care products. The range includes creams, butters, balms, scrubs and masks. All of my products are also made from high quality natural ingredients, that are all chosen for their function, therefore no Peaches & Clean products contain fillers.
I have studied aromatherapy and herbal medicine. I am currently completing a cosmetic chemistry course, which focuses on the formulating of skin care products.