Saturday, August 6

oh happy days

Well, our time gracing the streets of northbridge has sadly come to a close. A big thank you to all of our lovely customers ~ we loved all the positive feedback! It's great to be out there spreading the message to buy local and buy handmade. Given all the current insecurities in the world it's heartening to see more and more people focus attention back on their own communities, supporting their local artisans, growing their own food and spending time on what really matters.

Given the high demand for our work, we are so pleased to announce that Montage is popping up again - just over the bridge on 140 william. We are spending this week making an atmospheric heritage shopfront shine again, tenting the roof and scrubbing the floors in anticipation of our opening day on Sunday 14th August. We've said goodbye to some old Collective members and welcomed some new. We are busy collaborating on brand new and exclusive products. We can't wait. Be sure to pop down and say hello.

x x from all of us in Montage 3