Sunday, July 22

Montage CLOTHING department

Lets introduce our makers, skilled in the art of making us look great in a comfortable, stylish and original way.


The Leo and Spargo story started with a man and his trusty camel. Great Grandad Leopold was a soldier, farmer, cameleer and mighty fine opera singer. He fought in two world wars - and would have fought in a third had there been one.

As a brand, Leo and Spargo want to continue in the tradition of quality products that pay homage to men who wandered, fought hard, but could also cut a dash in polite company. Our products are original, durable and effortlessly stylish. When other products are starting to wear out, ours are starting to wear in. 


Karen has enjoyed many crafts for over 40 years, and being the daughter of a dressmaker, it was only natural that she ended up sewing and creating items under her label Neddynibbles. The main idea behind Neddynibbles is that aprons shouldn’t be boring. We all deserve some colour and style in our lives, especially in the kitchen. Her mother/daughter apron sets are a new addition to the range.
Mob: 0422 098 418


Major Mitchell Designs started out in 2011 when two friends founders Melanie James and Anja Satzenhofer set out to turn their mutual passion for design into unique wearable creativity with a message. Founded and based in Fremantle, Western Australia all designs are created in the Major Mitchell workshop. Each design is a limited edition. Fabrics that are used in the designs are handpicked from locations around Perth, Sydney and Berlin. 
Mob: 0432 588 042 (Anja) 0406 751 604 (Melanie)  


Stephanie is a fashion designer with Moroccan and German roots. She relocated to Australia a couple of years ago and loves it here. Caldi Design is an emerging fashion label located in Perth. Stephanie’s inspirations for Caldi Design are as diverse as the clothes, she loves observing the world and discovering little details. Caldi garments carry formal elements like structure, texture and contrast. 
Mob: 0415 414 545