Tuesday, July 24

Welcome to our JEWELLERY department

Adorn yourself with finery from our jewellery department. It is guaranteed to make you popular, better looking and more intelligent... Well, It WILL make you happy :-) and the smart bit is true as it is ALWAYS a brilliant idea to shop local and buy hand made.


The Tall Rabbit label was created by Nicole Moffat to spread cuteness throughout the world! With a background in graphic design and illustration, Nicole enjoys using her creativity to inspire a range of greeting cards, notebooks, framed prints, button badges, magnets, lasercut brooches and necklaces, hand screenprinted cushions and more.

Email: tallrabbit AT iinet DOT net DOT au 

Created by designer and illustrator Niina Aoki after looking through her mothers photo albums from the 1970s. The way that her mother dressed in that era, along with the imagery of 1970s Japan and America where her mother lived at the time, provides the inspiration for creating the pieces in the Eeva Margita line. The name of the brand was born through the combination of Niina's mother's and her own middle names. Vintage and new materials are sourced from around the world to create the delicate and vintage inspired jewellery and accessories.

Email: eevamargita AT gmail DOT com

Annie was born in London, but came to Australia in 1994. She is self taught & has been creating in one way or another for all of her life – painting, stitching, mixed media, knitting & crochet. The name Osmosis derives from the way Annie lets ideas seep into her conciousness and reflects a somewhat dorky character. Inspiration comes from her passions in  life – pattern, rhythm, maths, science, botany & most importantly, playfulness.

Mob: 0414 372 794  

Launched in 2010 H M Sass Jewellery and Accessory Design promotes quality, affordable, unique fashion pieces that set you apart from the crowd. Natural creativity in addition to ongoing training and research has allowed Hannah to devote her time, energy and skill to building H M Sass into a recognisable brand, one that advocates innovative style and individuality. Contrasting textures and colour and materials including semi-precious gemstones, feathers, lace and vintage cloth provide inspiration along with the ever evolving art that is fashion.Each H M Sass piece is personally created using professional methods with quality, hand-picked materials ensuring their longevity.
Materials used: Gemstones, feathers, lace, vintage fabric.

Mob: 0434 275 860