Friday, July 18

It's cold outside

Can you imagine having to sleep on the street?
With your bed a cardboard mattress and newspapers for a blanket?
This winter ... 105,000 Australians will be homeless

Montage is doing our part to help, and you can be part of our drive too!
We are collecting and making beanies and scarves to give to our neighbours at the the Salvation Army Northbridge to distribute to the needy. 

You can help by:
  1. Knitting or crocheting a scarf or beanie (simple beanie patterns below)
    Knitted beanie pattern
    Crochet beanie pattern
  2. Donating yarn to us (Montage) so we can knit and crochet winter goods
  3. Donate second hand beanies and scarves
  4. All donations can be brought in store to Montage at454 William St Northbridge
If you would like a lesson in crochet or knitting or some assistance with the above patterns, pop into Montage when our yarn experts are on roster! Check our Monday Facebook posts for when Karen, Annie, Anna are on roster :-)

For more information about the wonderful work the Salvation Army do, head HERE