Tuesday, September 17

Montage Maker interview - Stephanie of Caldi

My name is Stephanie, I am the fashion lady of  Montage with my label caldi, designing clothes for women.
After I finished my fashion degree 3 years ago I felt it was time to put all I learned into practice and my label was born.  I am part of Montage since the second shop and never looked back. Being involved in the pop up shops is so much fun: working in a self coordinated team of beautiful creative spirits, the ownership of running our own shop, supporting handmade in Perth, the closeness to our customers by selling our wares directly… the reasons are endless - I just love it!
The main reason I am a one woman show is I enjoy the whole process involved from designing to making and selling. Having customers walk out of our shop with a caldi purchase is the most rewarding experience. Naturally I love clothes, they are important and meaningful to me, some garments I own for many years as they become wearable storage spaces full of memories. I honestly think some I will never part with such as my very first top I designed and made.
If I had to pick a favorite stage of the design process it would be once sampling is finished and the style is ready for ‘production’. This is when a new style gains momentum and flows; there is no stopping then! Sampling can be a long journey of trial and error so when it’s finally perfect I am in bliss, I guess it is mostly the sense of achievement having translated a sketch and idea that only existed in my head into a wearable garment that fits well.
People always ask how inspiration strikes. The answer to this question is not as straightforward as one might expect. Being a creative person I already think in images, visually. As a designer I find my life experiences translate into shapes and form garments in on way or another. I think everyone can be creative and whatever it is you are making it is a reflection of you as a person and tells your story. I know the day will come when I grow out of being able to do everything myself and have to get my range made, but I am not ready to let go of that yet!