Tuesday, September 24

Montage Maker - Jacquie of Delight Society

Hi. I’m Jacquie and I make soap, it’s a hobby and a passion and my favourite activity. 

I don’t know what it is about soap making that is so exciting. Oh sure, there’s measuring and mixing, but it runs much deeper than that. A love of alchemy. A desire to create. A willingness to explore new ingredients, aromas and flavours. My obsession has resulted in hundreds of experimental batches of soap and, with each one I draw one step closer to perfecting this craft: the ideal balance of vegetable oils, the perfectly sized bar, the most enchanting aromas. 

I love making fresh batches of handmade bars for family, friends and my beloved customers, each infused with pure essential oils, nourishing herbs and gentle clays. Each bar of soap is handmade and individually wrapped. I make the best quality product I can and only sell the best of the best; my perfectionist quality control personality demands it. Today, Delight Society is my petite Australian empire. I spend my days indulging in this unexpected passion by producing natural artisan soaps that truly delight. It is my sincere hope that you find delight in them, too.


Delight Society