Friday, January 21

Helen Truscott : Modern Homewares

Helen is...

Mother of two small boys, wife to a busy husband and a closet fabric-a-holic!! I’e always known there was a creative part in me waiting to emerge but it wasn’t till I sat in front of a sewing machine and taught myself how to sew that things really started to come alive.
I would describe my homewares as unique and funky for the modern homemaker, and for those who prefer quality over what you would traditionally find in most department stores.
My inspiration comes from two places – from my husbands late Nanna and from my own need. The items from the “good old days” are all fantastic and I love the practicality of them, but I felt they just needed a little help jazzing them up. So, I put these two ideas together and Modern Homewares was found.
Everything is made by me, in my home, on my spare dining table. New product prototypes are tried and tested by my friends and family (and me) before they are ready for sale.
They are professionally presented in clear poly bags so they are ready for gift giving and come with of course some business cards that you can give to your friends!!!
I absolutely love "Homemade" and love to promote "Buy Homemade"
I love choosing the fabrics that compliment each other. However, if you prefer a different combination we can work together and create something unique just for you.

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