Saturday, January 22

Karen La Greca : Neddy Nibbles

Karen is...

I am 46 and live with my husband of 23 years and our three wonderful children. I first started making aprons when my daughter needed one for a fancy dress party and all I could find was a boring, unflattering brown one. The next day I bought a pattern and some fabric and made my own. The end result was so awful I only use it when I’m cooking something really messy. I bought another pattern and had the same problem – a lovely picture on the packet but the end result was an apron I just didn’t like. Because of this, I started interchanging the pieces I liked with pieces I designed to create something I was happy with. Now, two years on, I’m still making aprons. I’ll occasionally use the odd pattern piece from my early days but have now started creating my own designs. I sell my aprons at craft markets and online at – - and I still get excited every time I get an overseas sale.