Sunday, January 30

Niina Aoki - Eeva Margita

Niina is...

"Ever since drawing her first picture of a rabbit at the tender age of two, Niina Aoki has been creative in one way or another. With an Illustration degree under her belt she applies her design skills to her jewellery and accessories brand Eeva Margita.

Eeva Margita was born with thanks to Niina's mother's old albums from the 1970s. The way that her mother looked in that era - wavy straw blonde hair, sweet floral bikinis, high waisted slacks, striped blouses, corduroy skirts - along with the imagery of 1970s Japan and America where her mother lived at the time, provides the inspiration for the brand. The name of the brand was born through the combination of Niina's and her mother's middle names.

Vintage and new materials are sourced from around the world to create the delicate and vintage inspired jewellery and accessories. "

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