Sunday, January 30

Kamma Spring : lorgie&me

Kamma is...

"After noting one day that her desk drawers seemed to be littered with beautiful notebooks that resolutely remained empty - due to an annoying twinge of concern that filling the pages would somehow ruin the book - Kamma began lorgie&me with the aim of producing high quality, sustainably designed journals that could be refilled. Refilled!

Kamma's range soon expanded into notebooks, notepads and photo albums, all constructed using hard wearing and long lasting wooden covers and all 100% re-usable. Her designs embrace both the use of unique fabrics and hand stamped messages, all handmade by Kamma from her home in the Fremantle area.

Custom order's are welcome, and Kamma has already produced some beautiful books to be used as wedding guestbooks, wedding albums, visitors books, graduation gifts and baby albums.