Sunday, January 30

Neddy Nibbles Sneak Preview

Designer Aprons by Karen

Kamma Spring : lorgie&me

Kamma is...

"After noting one day that her desk drawers seemed to be littered with beautiful notebooks that resolutely remained empty - due to an annoying twinge of concern that filling the pages would somehow ruin the book - Kamma began lorgie&me with the aim of producing high quality, sustainably designed journals that could be refilled. Refilled!

Kamma's range soon expanded into notebooks, notepads and photo albums, all constructed using hard wearing and long lasting wooden covers and all 100% re-usable. Her designs embrace both the use of unique fabrics and hand stamped messages, all handmade by Kamma from her home in the Fremantle area.

Custom order's are welcome, and Kamma has already produced some beautiful books to be used as wedding guestbooks, wedding albums, visitors books, graduation gifts and baby albums.



Riley and Fynn Designs Sneak Preview

Here is a sneak peak of the Riley and Fynn Designs Collection for Montage which opens Tuesday 8th of Feb. For more Sneak Peaks visit

See you instore soon.

Tall Rabbit Sneak Peek!

For more Tall Rabbit goodies, please see 
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Niina Aoki - Eeva Margita

Niina is...

"Ever since drawing her first picture of a rabbit at the tender age of two, Niina Aoki has been creative in one way or another. With an Illustration degree under her belt she applies her design skills to her jewellery and accessories brand Eeva Margita.

Eeva Margita was born with thanks to Niina's mother's old albums from the 1970s. The way that her mother looked in that era - wavy straw blonde hair, sweet floral bikinis, high waisted slacks, striped blouses, corduroy skirts - along with the imagery of 1970s Japan and America where her mother lived at the time, provides the inspiration for the brand. The name of the brand was born through the combination of Niina's and her mother's middle names.

Vintage and new materials are sourced from around the world to create the delicate and vintage inspired jewellery and accessories. "

Online Store:



Modern Homewares Sneak Preview

Modern Homewares - where everything old is new again!
Modern Homewares is on Facebook

iheartcharlie Sneak Preview


iheartcharlie offers a selection Hand Crafted Journal Covers, Pouches, and Tote Bags.
All of iheartcharlie's items are either one of a kind or a very limited edition.

Lorgie & Me Sneak Peek!

sustainable design journals, albums and notebooks

B.H.O Bags and Purses Sneak Peek!!

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Lauren O'Brien : OSIER

Lauren is...

Architecture student Lauren O'Brien loves the inspiration she sources from nature and vintage finds. Handmade from her home in the Perth hills, OSIER jewellery has just the right mix of fun, pretty and eco-cred to excite you.

Choose from a wide range of necklaces, brooches, rings and more; all either one-offs or part of a limited run.

Quirky individual features make the retro styling of OSIER a modern cheeky take on eras gone by, so no matter which piece catches your eye, it's sure to add style and appeal to your outfit.


OSIER facebook page

Online Shop:

Saturday, January 29

OSIER sneaky peek!

montage osier for blog
handmade lovelies from w.a.
made with love from vintage, new and eco materials

Osmosis Sneak Peak

Laser cut jewellery, homewares & DIY craft blanks designed in Fremantle by Annie Rawle of Osmosis Designs.

Montage ** Opening Soon **

As part of the City of Fremantle’s new ‘Renew Fremantle’ initiative (, a group of 12 local handmade designers have joined together to create the latest ‘pop up shop’ in Adelaide Street called “Montage” opening Tuesday 8th February 2011.

The initiative sees the City of Fremantle providing vacant retail spaces, rent-free, for local artists to showcase their talents with the aim of invigorating and revitalising otherwise ‘dead areas’ of the city.

The shop will showcase an array of handmade designs including jewellery, art, accessories, stationery and homewares.

Montage will be open from the 8th to 25th of February at 4/64 Adelaide St, Fremantle. We will be trading 10am – 5pm, 7 days a week.

For further information, please do not hesitate to us.


Tuesday, January 25

Nicole Moffat : Tall Rabbit

Nicole is...

Hi! I'm Nicole and I make a whole lot of cute stuff under the name of Tall Rabbit! My background is in graphic design and illustration and over the years, I have managed to cultivate quite a list of creative interests! My stationery addiction has led me to create a range of notebooks, pencils, greeting cards and stickers; my love of printmaking led to my cute screenprinted cushions; my illustration passion is indulged through producing framed prints and button badges; my obsession with lasercut jewellery spawned my recent line of lasercut brooches. I design all my products and am very excited to be part of the Montage Collective!


Online Shop

Monday, January 24

Annie Rawle : Osmosis

Annie is..

Hello, I'm Annie Rawle & at 52, I'm the oldest member of the Montage Collective.
I'm delighted that the younger girls are happy to have me involved! As a Fremantle resident, I'm especially delighted to have the opportunity to 'play shop' in my home town.

I've been creating in one way or another for all of my life – painting, stitching, mixed media, knitting & crochet. For a long time my focus was freehand machine embroidery – practice & teaching - but over the last few years I've been exploring laser cutting and am having a great time translating all my ideas into this relatively new medium. The name Osmosis derives from the way I let ideas seep into my conciousness and reflects my somewhat geeky character. Inspiration comes from the passions in my life – pattern, rhythm,maths, science, botany & most importantly, playfulness. My ideas are always overtaking my capacity to produce, but that's OK – it's a sign I'm having fun!I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy producing it.

More about Annie & Osmosis...


Facebook at

Rebecca Fogarty : B.H.O.

Bec is...

I am a mother of 2 girls whom was quite lost until I rekindled my love for sewing.
Now I am found and my style is emerging and quite distinct. Sumptuous fabrics turned into practical items designed with function in mind. Machine washable fabric wallets, 3 in 1 reversible bags, leather nap sacs, leather handbags, cute coin purses and carry alls (to suit modern technology). I stand by everything I make and believe that style, practicality and durability all belong in the same sentence.



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Sunday, January 23

Libby Gardiner : iheartcharlie

Libby is...

I reside in the beautiful Margaret River region. I’m mum to a 3 1/2 yrold Kelpie cross Border Collie, Charlotte (aka Charlie), who was the inspiration behind the ‘iheartcharlie’ name. My creative background is in textile design, fashion and photography. I've always loved making things and taking photos and there’s always a work in progress at my house. iheartcharlie was launched in 2009 and embodies my love of textiles and beautifully handcrafted items. I find inspiration in pintucks, pleats and buttons; you will find elements of all of these things in my work. My philosophy is to keep things simple, well made and functional.
All of my textile creations are original designs created by me and each has been individually hand crafted. They are created either as limited edition or one of a kind.
I hope you enjoy all that iheartcharlie has to offer.

Online Store:


Saturday, January 22

Karen La Greca : Neddy Nibbles

Karen is...

I am 46 and live with my husband of 23 years and our three wonderful children. I first started making aprons when my daughter needed one for a fancy dress party and all I could find was a boring, unflattering brown one. The next day I bought a pattern and some fabric and made my own. The end result was so awful I only use it when I’m cooking something really messy. I bought another pattern and had the same problem – a lovely picture on the packet but the end result was an apron I just didn’t like. Because of this, I started interchanging the pieces I liked with pieces I designed to create something I was happy with. Now, two years on, I’m still making aprons. I’ll occasionally use the odd pattern piece from my early days but have now started creating my own designs. I sell my aprons at craft markets and online at – - and I still get excited every time I get an overseas sale.

Friday, January 21

Marisa Simeone : riley and fynn designs

Marisa is...

I am the designer behind Riley and Fynn Designs. I am 29 years old, have been married for 5 years and am the proud-as-punch mother of newborn twin boys Jamie & Lucas. Riley and Fynn Designs has been named after my five year old Irish Terrier named Riley and my Burmese cat (who thinks she is a dog) Fynn. I decided to start my online shop after a year or so of contemplation. Finally, after the birth of my twins, the time was right to take the plunge and give it a go. I LOVE everything vintage and rustic. I love parchment, typography, vintage fabrics including linen, hessian (burlap) & brown paper packages tied up with string….so the song goes. All of these are the inspiration behind my work. My signature pieces are my Scrabble Tile Canvases and Leather Look Clay Gift Tags. Custom orders are welcome. My favourite past times are spending time with my baby boys, my family and friends…and of course making items for my online shop.



Helen Truscott : Modern Homewares

Helen is...

Mother of two small boys, wife to a busy husband and a closet fabric-a-holic!! I’e always known there was a creative part in me waiting to emerge but it wasn’t till I sat in front of a sewing machine and taught myself how to sew that things really started to come alive.
I would describe my homewares as unique and funky for the modern homemaker, and for those who prefer quality over what you would traditionally find in most department stores.
My inspiration comes from two places – from my husbands late Nanna and from my own need. The items from the “good old days” are all fantastic and I love the practicality of them, but I felt they just needed a little help jazzing them up. So, I put these two ideas together and Modern Homewares was found.
Everything is made by me, in my home, on my spare dining table. New product prototypes are tried and tested by my friends and family (and me) before they are ready for sale.
They are professionally presented in clear poly bags so they are ready for gift giving and come with of course some business cards that you can give to your friends!!!
I absolutely love "Homemade" and love to promote "Buy Homemade"
I love choosing the fabrics that compliment each other. However, if you prefer a different combination we can work together and create something unique just for you.

Online Shop: